Saturday, August 7, 2010

BUSTED in Vermont.....

.......or was it Massachusetts?

We stopped beside the freeway to photograph Arayo next to the "Welcome to Vermont" sign. I led her into a ditch, tied her to a road-sign just off the edge of the frame, and photographed Arayo as we entered our most recent state. Then, I looked across the freeway and saw a "Welcome to Massachusetts" sign. As the one we passed when we entered the state was so inconveniently located, I had missed photographing Arayo there and I figured this was my chance!

They had graciously left an "official cars only" turn around space in the median, so off we went. Again, I tied Arayo so nothing would spook her and cause her to dash in front of an 18-wheeler.

The traffic was pretty high so I didn't hear her arrive, park and get out of her van. But, from above and behind me, I heard the officer say in a very ticked off, official voice...... "You realize you are not allowed out here?" (Well, actually, officer, I realized I couldn't turn around here - only you can legally do that - but I didn't turn around, as you can see from my car parked up the freeway a bit.)

I kept my mouth shut - let me rephrase that. I controlled myself and responded "oh!"

Not 50 feet into a new state and already I'm breaking laws - what a couple troublemakers!

Photo: Busted or not, Arayo poses next to the Vermont Welcome sign. Vermont - so far they have the BEST rest stops - complete with free WiFi!


  1. Watch out for the black flies. They are even less welcoming than the "law".

    We were just wondering where you were. Donna asked me today so I will let her know.

  2. free shower, wifi and food await with dog door, fenced yard, cool nights and mostly sunny days for a weary traveler and lovely Newfdog in southeastern MA. come spend a couple of days. You deserve a real bed, some glasses of wine, and a shower with a tub a dog can fit into! If Arayo is leaky, I will just take up the rugs on the main floor of the house-- no sweat.

    chris & 9Volt!