Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Mexican Birthday

Sunset reflects on Lake Chapala
Another birthday has settled upon me. Another year past.  Another year closer to Senior Citizens Discounts. Gone are the days of parties with friends, silly hats and a cake with candles.

But this is Mexico!  

"Let's go out for a drink," my Mexican friend, Teresita, said.

Off we headed to the plaza, Arayo in tow, for a beer at one of the outside plaza restaurants.

As we enjoyed the perfect sunny afternoon, a musical duo began to circulate.  A few pesos exchanged hands and I found myself the focus of a flute and guitar serenade, featuring a perfect mix of Beatles and traditional Mexican music.

Soon, as usually happens, a gentleman came over to cast a bit of adoration on Arayo.  As we visited, Teresita mentioned to him we were celebrating my birthday and his response was the announce it to the entire restaurant - where I melted in humiliation as claps and cheers were directed my way.

Returning to the hotel, we found a large cake.  A Tres Leche Cake.  White cake soaked in three kinds of milk, the yummy pastry is heaped with light fluffy frosting and accented by a layer of peaches tucked inside and shaved almonds on top.  Waiting until all in the hotel guests were back from their day's exploring, we called the group to the courtyard and a mix of Canadians, Americans, Mexicans and Europeans visited and ate into the cool Mexican night as a few morsels found their way towards Arayo who rested patiently at our feet.

Simple and relaxed, my first birthday in Mexico could not have been better.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year's Parade

Mexican bandits on horseback were shooting at each other.  A man on safari protected himself from a mass of African natives who chased him with spears.

Pirates aboard a ship were followed by sea creatures, and men in bright hula skirts performed on an ocean full of fishes.

A trailer loaded with white-faced mimes in striped shirts tossed around enormous black and white boxes. One of their crew flirted with a queen wearing a bright tiara, long brown locks, a gold evening gown, and a light stubble of beard.

Even President Obama showed up, flanked by American and Mexican flags and dark suited secret service men.

Thus, Ajijic welcomed 2014 with a parade of characters, lots of fun, music, and confetti!