Friday, August 20, 2010

The Bridge of Doom

We found a campground near the Newfoundland Ferry. The idiot who owns the place keeps bragging about their view of this bridge. The bridge from hell..... (If you know me - you know I have a bridge phobia.) Tomorrow bright and early we scale the puppy which, for me, will be like taking on Mt. Everest.

Photo: The bridge of doom. It is high, it is long, it is not my friend.....


  1. Karyn, like I said last night....sleep gazing at the bridge....embrace it and all it's glory.....approach it as a lover....take control....close your eyes and enjoy the ride!!!!!!!!!!! Just don't move too close to the edges!!!! You might fall off! That happens to the best of us!!!hahaha Gloria

  2. The dreaded Seal Island Bridge. I do not like bridges either.....and this one, well on a dark and stormy night in February I watched a van slide and skid across it. No bridges like it over here.


  3. Jacky was full of encouragement, no?
    I am not a big crossing the bridge fan, but think of your traveling companion - who better to cross with?

  4. Hey
    This is the idiot that owns the campground... And I still say that the campground here still has a beautiful view of the Seal Island Bridge. I am sorry that you are afraid of bridges, but I hope that you do not believe me to be a real idiot. I hope you had a great vacation.

    Jason Christopher
    KOA campground at bottom of the bridge.

  5. Hey Idiot! Nice campground - though the view of the bridge just kept me up all night calling to me, taunting me, It IS a beautiful view - unless, like me, you go into panic mode just LOOKING at a long tall bridge!

    (If it makes you feel better - anyone who likes to fly is also an idiot! And, I have many great friends who are pilots. My dad was a pilot. But, if you ask me - wanting to get into a hunk of steel and lifting off the ground is very much like wanting to drive over a long tall bridge - insane!)

    I drove thousands of miles on my trip and added many hundreds to it in an effort to avoid that beautiful scene from your campground - the BRIDGES!

    Will see you again, I'm sure. You and that damn bridge. I developed a major love affair with Newfoundland so I'll be back.

    Karyn - the CHICKEN!

  6. Thank you Karen
    I look forward to seeing you and if you wish, I will give you a site, not looking at the bridge.

    Take care

  7. Thank you! Though, my last site was as far from the view as possible. I could still hear its evilness calling me, taunting me, reminding me I had to deal with IT before I could see Newfoundland. :-)

  8. Sounds good Karyn, I wish you all the luck in beating that bridge phobia. Take care and see you again someday.