Friday, August 13, 2010

The Run Begins

It is official. It is a plan. The run for Newfoundland begins early tomorrow morning!

I have been holed up with new friends in Morrisville VT for the past WEEK, waiting on a package to arrive, getting the car serviced and completing a photo job while learning more about where our food comes from. I'll report more on that lter. It has been absolutely fascinating.......

More work today and we are going to run to Stowe, I believe, so I'll keep this short today.

Newfoundland - here we come!


  1. I love Newfoundland! Can't wait to find out your impressions.

  2. Hi Karyn! I heard you will be arriving in Nova Scotia on Sunday evening. Great!!! I thought you weren't going to get this far. Marlis sent me a message that you were arriving. I'll see you on Monday, hopefully in the morning if you can get Marlis moving. HA HA ! Make sure you get to the lake for some swim time. I live on a lake and the water is great! Remember you are welcome to plan to spend some time here with Mike and I and Brogan and Gracie. Gloria in Nova Scotia

  3. Boy- I take a few days off from reading and I miss a lot! Will have to catch up later today.

    You have encouraged me to take a few risks too.