Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Celebrating a New Year, Mexican Style

And, with all Mexican celebrations, let there be fireworks!
Are you ready to ring in 2014?

Quick - there is still time to bring in Mexican Good Luck for 2014.  Here are some tips.

First, go outside and build a fire in the street, then sit outside with your family and neighbors and celebrate together.

Before heading out, check what you are wearing and select your underwear carefully! Red will bring you luck, white, good health and yellow will insure wealth and abundance. (The stores here have big displays of red undies and as the young were getting ready for their big evenings, that area of the stores were crowded!)

For overall good fortune, wear an item of old clothing and another brand new item.

As the clock hits midnight, eat a grape with each chime and make a wish as you eat each one. (Ours are counted out and sitting in a bowl, awaiting the midnight hour. Arayo has a bowl of a dozen treats too, just in case it might be good luck for our 4-legged pals.)

Pull a ladder out from the garage and as the clock strikes mid-night - jump off - thus leaving behind all things negative with this final leap into the New Year.

And, above all, have a safe New Years Eve as you head into Twenty Fourteen!

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