Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dancing Half Naked Men on an Evening Stroll

Sunday evenings, the Mexican Malecon fills with people
I hadn't expected the semi-naked dancing men, but they greatly improved what would otherwise have been just a lovely evening stroll.

The plan had been to meet another Newfoundland and her owner at the malecon, the paved walk that runs along the the lake. It was Sunday evening and a stroll is always a great way to end the day - watching as the sun sinks and finally sets behind the mountains, painting the sky shades of orange, and tossing color across the lake to land on the lucky who wait there.

Sunday evenings are special at lakeside, with families coming to visit, picnic, play, and stroll. This evening, we were greeted by sounds - a little bluesy, a little gutsy, a little Janis Jopliny.  Now THIS is the kind of music I can get in to. I told myself we'd come back, enjoy the concert after a little more exercise.

We visited with people interested in the big dogs, reached the west end of the pavement, then turned to see girls in grass skirts parading across the lawn.  They were cute but I might have passed on were it not for the half naked men milling about.  (Hey, I'm not dead yet!)

Families come out to watch the evening entertainment
A woman began walking around those assembled near the scantily clothed group and slipped leis over our heads. (Arayo looked cute decorated in a necklace of white flowers.)  Then, the drums began beating, hollowed pieces of wood of various lengths were played and the dancing began with the swinging of hips.

Then the men took the stage. Covered only by fringe on their calves and rather long loin clothes, they squatted, pranced and dipped. The muscles of their legs were long and defined.  I was amazed how low they could go and still keep moving. I was amazed that they could dance like that and expose nothing!  We were mesmerized.

One should never second guess a Mexican evening stroll.  One never knows what one will find just waiting outside. (But, dang - I've GOT to start carrying my camera more often!)

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