Monday, March 25, 2013

Putting Some Hate on Winter

There are voices we hear that time doesn't take away.  Maybe with the years they just get louder, but this week I hear my mother lecturing me……  "You shouldn't hate."  

If you knew my mom, you can hear her, too, right?   You may not have gotten the lecture in so many words, but you could probably tell it was there. Being just slightly opinionated, I got it a lot. Certainly,  every time she served those gawd-awful shriveled up canned olive drab green peas that vomited their disgusting bile into my mouth every time she forced me to eat them.   I STILL HATE PEAS!  (I swear, the best thing about being adult is you can finally say NO to certain vegetables!)

But, this week it isn't food I've got a beef with - it is winter.  It snowed this weekend.  Ruined my plans to take Arayo to Kansas City.  I had an appointment to get new glasses, then we were to do two days of obedience trials with the hope of getting a title on her.  But, dire news was coming from the north, and since my last journey up there resulted in a nearly 5 hour drive home in the white slick stuff - I decided to just stay home in bed and read a book or two.

It started early early Sunday morning.  I took Arayo out to do her business and heard the ice pellets whacking the leaves of my magnolia tree.  Sounded like it was bouncing off a metal roof.  I hate metal roofs.  The next time I was nudged awake the flakes were falling - big, wet and beautiful.  But cold.  I hate cold.

With daylight, a sense of obligation got me out from under my blankets and I drove the streets in search of New England snow scenes.  But this is Kansas………  I just saw cold.  I dropped Arayo off at the ball diamond.  She looked like a big black mud splot on a white sheet…….  Until she started bouncing.  Okay - so I was glad I'd brought her.  She was enjoying this.

I picked up a handful of snow and tossed it her way.  She attempted catching it a couple times but then decided it was abuse and went over to poop.  Smart dog.  Even dressed for a Vermont winter day, the wind was having its way with us and we rushed back home and chanted loving thoughts to the geese who shed their down for my favorite comforter.

BLAH on winter. It is nearly April and I've had it with the cold.  I'm dreaming about blue skies, turquoise water, palm trees, pink flamingos, white sand and a sailboat.   Get me OUTTA HERE!

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