Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Donald Does Mexico

It appears Trump will not get great service at this restaurant
Unknown to most, The Donald decided to travel to Mexico the weekend prior to the US Presidential elections to try to sway a few Mexican-Americans and Expat Gringos to jump on the Trump Train.  We took him for a stroll around town, showed him the Ajijic plaza which still sported a few Catrinas left over from last week's Day of the Dead celebration, and to the malecon where people were gathered to enjoy Sunday in the sun by the lake with families and friends.  

Banned from Gay Stripper Night. Poor Donald
We introduced him to a few people and tried to get a feel of his image here locally.  

The initial response to the floppy haired, orange faced billionaire was certainly one of suspicion.  Young and old stopped to stare - perhaps evaluating his motives for being here.

As his local handlers, we, too, were eyed with a great deal of skepticism and distrust, until it became clear that the anti-Mexican rhetoric that The Donald often spews is not shared by us and that we adore Mexico and her people!

Young and Old wanted a look at the US billionaire
THEN, the party began and people lined up to have their photo taken with the man who announced his candidacy for President by calling out Mexicans, insisting they are criminals and rapists, and insisting on building a wall across the Mexican/American border which Mexico would be somehow forced to pay for.  

Most people - both Mexican and Expats - had a thing or two to “say” - be it a thumbs down on Trump's political future, a thump on his jaw, or a demonstration of how they would like to help him down our cobblestone streets.  

"Carry him THIS way!" we were told
(Specific comments and thoughts have been edited to protect the innocent!)

The hope locally, of course, was that the upcoming election would be the end of this uncouth business tycoon and reality show personality - turned politician. 

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