Friday, October 31, 2014

Mexican Serenade

A charming group of musicians

I love my neighborhood.  I'm afraid you will hear that a lot.

As I was getting my day underway this morning, I heard the strains of a band performing…….. right outside my door?  Bombs had been blowing off since about 5 am, and it isn't unusual to hear bands practicing, but today is Halloween and the real beginning of the Day of the Dead celebration, so a parade is probably in the making.

But, I've never known a band to line up on the sidewalk across from my house to play a number or two.

Leaving Arayo to fend for herself, I grabbed my camera and dashed outside.

Men, dressed in black slacks, jackets and blue tops appeared to be serenading someone, and as I stood in the street to better take photos of this event, I looked over my shoulder. There in the window of the house next to mine, stood a group of women. 

Then I knew.

My neighbor has a daughter, 33, who has lupus and has been confined to a bed next to that window for 13 years. The band was there to give her her own mini-concert, to brighten her day and let her know that she is not forgotten by the community.

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