Saturday, October 12, 2013

Arayo's Next Adventure

Arayo and I began our travel adventures over 3 years ago as we packed our little Subaru and headed for parts unknown.  How were we to know the wonders we would experience as we stepped off our little Washington island?  The sights we would see, and most of all, the amazing people we would not only meet, but who would reach out to offer us friendship, hospitality and a roof over our heads.  Meeting these amazing people and experiencing their corners of the world through their eyes was more than we dreamed of.

With the end of that trip in Kansas and my Mom's death, I found myself involved in causes in Kansas I felt, and still believe, are important and where I can make a difference.  (Others might consider it meddling or stirring the &%^, but we won't mince words.)

But for years I have toyed with the idea of fleeing the country - maybe living in Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico.  Toying can be dangerous for someone like me.  Something tinkles around in my brain long enough, it is liable to come out into some form of action.

Turning this dream into reality came about as I was chatting online with a woman who runs a little hotel in Ajijic Mexico. I mentioned I'd like to come for a visit but couldn't stay long as I have this dog, you see.  Her response was to just bring the dog along.  Stick her in a crate and pop her under my plane seat......

She obviously didn't know that my dog might be considered livestock by airline officials, but in a series of chats back and forth, I decided to book 5 months in one of her rooms and Arayo and I would drive down. After all, the hotel is dog friendly and Arayo will have the run of the place as long as she behaves. (I can see her now - going from room to room with a ball or tug toy in her mouth, begging some poor guest to have a play with her.)

So, in a few days we pack again for another adventure - this one south into Mexico! Please join us as we share the joys and frustrations of experiencing a new land.  Perhaps you will be tempted to visit us!

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