Sunday, September 29, 2013

Landlord Hell, final edition

To add insult to injury in the Landlord Hell situation, my renter, decided his contract didn't matter,  left his junk in my house - leaving me with a headache, tremendous bills and countless nights without sleep.   I rented to this guy because he makes an extremely good salary and has a very respected job on the Washington State Ferry System.  

At first, he agreed to pay me off $500 per month if I would reduce the amount due.  I said I'd work with him and greatly reduced what he owed me.  But, "He Decided" he didn't have to pay me after all.  Besides, according to him, it was MY decision to evict  the strange guy HE had moved into my house.  HE had nothing to do with that!

And then, it seems there is some maritime law making it impossible to garnish the wages of ferry workers' wages for bills of this kind.  WOW - call me surprised!  Would you think an important job on the ferry would mean you'd be MORE apt to pay your bills, not less?  And why does the law protect the crooks who work for this system?  But, he is hiding behind the law, refusing to pay a dime of the bill he owes me.  (Oh, and somehow, he thinks that because he is paying his girlfriend the money he owes her that he doesn't have to pay what he owes me.  I know - I don't  understand that logic either.)

Of course, the girlfriend isn't making payments either and she also signed the contract.  Sigh.  What a mess.  I'm not done with either of them.  At least I'll get a judgement against them so anyone researching them in the future will know they are deadbeats.

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