Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Dreaded Diet

You exercise, girl!

I started a diet this week.  I'm notorious for doing this.  360 days a year I plan to begin.  "I'm starting a diet tomorrow," I'll proclaim, only to realize there is a perfectly good cheesecake in the fridge that I can't possibly toss, a frozen pizza that will call my name if I don't consume it, a fairly new half-gallon of milk that I don't want to waste….  So, when tomorrow comes, I have lots of reasons for putting it off a day or two.  And, with the diet looming a few days ahead, I'll buy more cereal to use up the milk, and when the milk is gone I still have this cereal that isn't on the diet……..  You get the picture.

"Since I'm beginning a diet tomorrow and I'll not eat the foods I love again for at least a year, tonight I shall splurge and have a hamburger, eat at a buffet, drink a REAL Coke and not a crummy diet one,"  I reason.    My waistline increases when I'm gearing up for a diet.

Sometimes I have to shame myself into doing what is best for me, so this week I decided I needed to become accountable to more than the dog in this venture.  (Hey, she loves me no matter what.)  So I REALLY stuck myself out there and began the community's "One Ton Weight-Loss Challenge".  The local hospital agreed to sponsor it by giving us use of a meeting room and their scales once a week, and this past Wednesday 25 people showed up, weighed in, set goals and joined me on this venture.

Thursday, day one, went well - until about 4 pm when the hardware on the doors began to look appetizing. Its not that I was starving - I just LIKE TO EAT!  

I'm determined to do this, though, and part of the plan is to drink lots of water and get into an exercise program.  Now, it has long been speculated within my family that my plumbing is more a straight shot through my body, missing those parts that filter, absorb and eventually store fluids until a convenient time for depositing them elsewhere.   Drinking 3 liters of water a day  - -  - well, lets say I AM getting lots of exercise and I'm certainly glad the house plumbing system is functioning.

Then, Thursday evening, when the couch cushions began looking like giant marshmallows which could be pretty tasty with a dousing of chocolate sauce, I headed off for a Zumba class.  With 20 sets of shoulders shaking, wastes throbbing, and keesters gyrating in impossible combinations, I took solace in the back corner of the room.  I'm not big into praying, but I did send out a heavenly memo or two that the next move wouldn't turn the entire group towards the back wall where I was standing looking like Pocahontas dropped down into central Manhattan.  This boodie isn't working like that any more, I'm afraid - but the energy level was high and people were sweet so I will return.

Weigh-in will come again this week and I AM going to succeed this time.  (I'd find a really fitting way to finish this - but the water is doing its thing to me again, and I've REALLY gotta run.......)

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  1. Sending you supportive thoughts and applauding your courage to join an organized exercise program. The only way to succeed is with support.