Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Arayo's New Lair

Arayo recovers from surgery in her new lair

There are things we do for those we love.  And, though I hate to admit it, sometimes we'll do more for the dog than one of our human family members.

Arayo was split nearly in half - some 70 staples form the zipper that keeps her organs from falling out.  Healing will take time and while she doesn't seem to be in pain, she needs to hide in a dark private place.  I caught her dragging herself under the bed last night.  I don't know how she does that.  She looks like the poster dog for joining the Army.  "Be All You Can Be" and all that nonsense.   With no more than an inch of space between her body and the top of the bed, she lays flat and uses her front legs to drag herself so she's hidden far from reach.

Once she is heeled I won't need to take her to the vet for the removal of the staples - I'll just let her drag herself under the bed and they'll all rip out.  But for now, they need to remain in place.  Terrified of what I'll find when I have extracted her from this hiding place, I lift the bed and encourage her out.

From the garage I dig out an old card table which fits between the bed and wall. A blanket covers it, producing a gold cottony den of sorts.   I can't reach the dresser where my clothes are kept, but its the only good place for this nest - and - well, so what?  If Arayo is happy, I don't really need to change clothes, anyway!

The entire affect is - well, ugly.  If a spouse or child had suggested the need for setting up a rickety old card table and covering it with a blanket so they could crawl in it and mend, I'd explain that they could just GET OVER IT!  Life is full of little inconveniences and the sooner they learn to be happy with what they have the better!  Besides, I'm not working around a hideous eyesore just so they'll feel better!  (Starting to pick up on why I didn't have kids?  Why I'm not married?)

Start each birthday on your head
But, Arayo is Arayo and she gets what makes her feel good.  Today I celebrate my birthday.   It will be a quiet day spent with this dog I so adore.   Perhaps, I'll write, maybe get the year started right by doing taxes.  Who knows.  

A friend sent me a magnet for my birthday.  It has a B&W photo of 3 older women on it - one wearing a folded hat made of newspaper.  It reads "You're on the right road if you're happy when you're lost."   That's my new motto for this year - but the photo should have a photo of Arayo and me, driving down the road, wind in our hair.

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  1. And a big happy birthday to YOU, dear cuz!!!
    I hope this coming year is a great one all the way around.