Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day. My first in 56 years without, though I sit at mom's home, surrounded by her good energies and what is left of her things. This weekend was the culmination of 2 months of work as strangers, friends and family came to pick over her rummage sale items. Some showed up in search of a new trinket - not realizing what an amazing woman had previously owned the bobble, but many came with the goal of purchasing something they could remember her by. Mom would have liked that - knowing her things would bring joy, or simply remembrance, to people she cared about. Most of her cherished items were things given to her by others.

Mom's shelves and closets, though not bare, have lots more breathing room today. Many of the things that represent her personality, her interests, her life, are now part of another's home, though the more irreplaceable items still remain. Not diamonds, gold or priceless heirlooms - she had no interest in things of that nature. The things that remain are those many might mistake for junk. How could I place a price on the wooden woman with big red lips, bangle earrings and arms and legs made of pop bottle caps? Or the rock man head with the big red nose and tufts of white fuzzy hair? Some things are best kept in the family.

Mom - Happy Mother's Day. And thanks for a good life.

Photos - Bargain hunters at Mom's rummage sale didn't get the really good stuff!!


  1. You deserve a Happy Mother's Day, too, as the Mom and soulmate to a delightful girl, Arayo. I wish I could be there with you!

  2. Guess what! The wooden lady with red lips and bottle cap extremities was a gift from Joe to Janet... a swap find!

  3. Figures it was a Joe find. She liked it, though! And, the facebook crowd is reporting they love it, too!