Monday, November 29, 2010

Newfies Terrorise Children at Hershey!

They are so scary that tough police officers in Des Moines Washington hunt them down and shoot them with assault rifles. Newfies. The huge, black slime-producing creatures that so many of us are unfortunate enough to love. We own them for the macho scare factor, of course. Everyone KNOWS that if a Newf is around you should begin to shake and back up in terror. Lock the doors! Look for your guns!

Oh, wait - here comes a toddler. And another one. And here, a little old lady is hobbling over. They are all smiling from ear to ear, these unfortunate souls. They just don't understand how at risk they are - but they are coming over anyway. Right to the, not one, but TWO enormous black vicious Newfies at the end of our leashes.

We've made a trip to Hershey Pennsylvania. Had to do it. Someone says we are within an hour of a place known for chocolate and I'm all over that journey. So, we hopped in the car and drove to the town where lamps in the shape of kisses light the streets at night. Where you can stay in a spa and enjoy a Whipped Cocoa Bath, a Chocolate Sugar Scrub, a Cocoa Massage or a Chocolate Fondue Wrap. Or you can visit Hershey park and ride roller coasters designed to scare the chocolate out of you, enjoy musical productions and dance with Hershey kiss characters.

Today, the theme park is closed and the chocolate spa is out of my budget, so we take the little ride that explains the production of their chocolate, listen to some cows singing songs about milk and stroll around the gigantic store which sells everything that Hershey's makes.

Then, off to terrorize children. They are crawling all over this place. And today, they are mostily pre-school age so they'll really be afraid of our big black babies!

Arayo and her new friend, Duke, are not even out of the car when people begin to approach. Once in front of the entrance, we are never left alone and every 2 year old around is drawn to the Newfs. The only screams to be heard come from one little guy who is so excited about seeing the dogs that he periodically lets out a screech of delight after gently petting one, then dashing back off again - so proud of himself for having risked his life and lived to tell about it!

Though it has been three weeks ago that poor Rosie the Newfoundland was murdered by police in Des Moines, the horror is still with everyone who has ever loved a Newf and who knows the gentleness which they possess. The sweet nature that draws toddlers and grandmothers in for hugs.

Too bad hardened men and women are allowed to wear badges and carry guns. They could take a lesson from the toddlers in the world.


  1. Love you Karyn and Love Arayo too! I have 4 'vicious' Newfies that live with us and sleep with me every night (sometimes all sometime only one or two in the actual bed). Any time one of them is taken out on the streets, we draw the same unsuspecting children and adults who come to pet and love on these truly gentle giants.

    Please bring your ferocious Arayo to visit us if you come down Arkansas way so we can love on her and spend time with another of these loving dogs.

    Take care all... Ellen

  2. Thank you, Ellen! You are on my "Visit" list. I have a 91 year old aunt in Hot Springs and a crazy buddy to visit in Eureka Spring as well, so I"ll be there!

  3. I loved your post. You know a cop like the one who shot Rosie would porbably also shoot a toddler who shook their rattle and grinned a one tooth smile at him. He would claim he was terrifed of that child. Why?" The child shook what looked like a gun at me and threatened to bite me." The answer that was drilled into him by his union.


  4. You missed out on the Chocolate Fondue Wrap??? We'll go back when they're open, and I'll bring the camera! ;D