Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Watched in the Night

They peer down on me. As the dim light of the exit sign, glowing in the darkened building like a red-eyed cyclops, marks my quiet movements, they watch. The crimson light reflected by hundreds of eyeglasses through which the walls glower.

Tonight finds us sleeping on the floor of the local optometrist's office and every direction I turn, the walls scrutinize, study and ogle.

Arayo has become far too attractive to my host's 180 pound male St. Bernard. An "intact" girl, we deal with this once every six months or so. As we are not typically around that many other dogs, her seasonal cycle doesn't alter our lifestyle - or those we encounter - but my host's home has become a bit too crowded for a Newfoundland who has suddenly become a brat and a flirt, and a pushy Saint who knows his size and strength.

So, we spend our days, visiting, traveling, enjoying the New England colors, and at night we settle down in this unusual setting.

But, it is another welcome departure from the norm. We take advantage of this opportunity and spend a while, trying on the latest styles. Is the round Harry Potter look for me, or the heavy black frame, suited for a librarian? The men's department has wire aviator glasses, a pair for the Microsoft geek and a small wire set reminding me of Ben Franklin. I settle on an oval pair in violet and orange. They are happy and different.

I contemplate my response, should the local police decide to pay a visit. With guns drawn, would they beat down the door and demand Arayo and I give ourselves up? "Put down those glasses and step outside!" they might demand. I decide that tonight would be a better night to sleep in proper pajamas rather than just my favorite old frayed t-shirt.

In case the glare of the faceless glasses are joined by the scowls of the local law.

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  1. Apparently you were not the only one trying on glasses. That's a good look for Arayo.