Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trip On Medical Hold

After housesitting for a friend and her Newfoundland Dog near Boston last week, we were ready to move on when Arayo lost the ability to stand, sit, twirl..... Walking was painful. Getting her down a long steep flight of stairs was a challenge. Her tail didn't have the same enthusiasm it typically has.

She saw a vet on Monday who seemed to have a need for a new swimming pool or convertible for his kids and offered up several thousand dollars worth of tests he could do. I suggested we start with the most likely and work our way down. Maybe fund a day at the spa for his wife......

Arayo was tested for Lymes and other tick diseases and that proved false. Damn! She was given an injection for pain and inflammation, as his next thought was arthritis of some sort. While there, they also treated her for a major hotspot that was on her back.

While the vet said there was no way that the hotspot and mobility issues were connected, others differ with him, given the size and placement of this injury. Right now she is resting peacefully and, when movement is called for, running up and down the stairs like her old self.

We move on to visit friends in New Hampshire, then to Vermont, and hope that we have seen the last of Arayo's pain. Please send good healing thoughts our way when you have a chance.

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