Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane Earl Report

I've had numerous e-mails from people concerned about the dastardly Earl who is apparently making his way up the US coast, through Nova Scotia and into Newfoundland. I want everyone to know that Arayo and I are leaving St. John's today and making the drive along the Irish Coast, then we are meeting up with Jacky who is attending a dog show in the Harbour Grace area. We'll crash with her there, and keep an eye on what is happening before slowly heading back across Newfoundland to finish touring the West Coast, which is actually where the storm is expected to hit, if, indeed, it does make it this far.

Plans are being made to shut down ferry service between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and the island's parks will be closed. Jacky and Bob have assured me that if it looks like Newfoundland will be getting hit with the storm that I'm welcome to crash here until all has past.

One of my life goals was to ride out a hurricane, which I did with my mom two years ago in Houston when Hurricane Ike hit the city . Mom and I were kicked out of the cancer center hotel and into the arms of gracious distant relatives who put up with us for 5 days until the airport opened again. The frustrating thing was that we SLEPT THROUGH the hurricane! While being in a hurricane is back on my agenda, riding one out in a tent is NOT my idea of a good time.

Thanks to all for your concerns! Will keep you posted as to our where-abouts.

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