Friday, July 9, 2010

Tomorrow Finally Came

For days I've been saying "I'm leaving tomorrow. I hope….." Well, today my renter came out to say his son thought that I was serious about leaving as I'd moved my car forward 6 inches. With additional things to do (I can't really leave without power-washing the house, can I?), leaving took more time than I'd anticipated.

Packing for a journey like this is humbling, and certainly makes one look at priorities. My "must take" pile included more items than a family of 5 in a developing country would have to live on for a lifetime. And, did I REALLY need to bring 50 pounds of dog treats just because they have been piling up in my pantry? (The answer to that one would be "yes", says Arayo.)

As I drove away from my home, it somehow seemed fitting that I'd be jabbered at by a toy I had purchased some years ago to get a smile from a child. I had forgotten that I still had it, but it was smashed in my gear somewhere and each time I hit a bump, sped up or stopped, a piece of my luggage called out "MOOOOOOO! MOOOOOO!" (Should have said Oink Oink!)

Photo - our ferry arriving to take us to the mainland!


  1. One of my less desireable neighbors power washed his house last week. Can I hope that he is leaving too?

  2. Safe jounry & may you have many adventures!! Looking forward to seeing you!