Saturday, July 10, 2010

Missed Opportunity

Stopping in the small town of Sultan WA our first day out, we asked at the local visitors center about camp grounds. The woman sputtered a bit, then asked if I was a nudist as they had a really fabulous nudist camp just outside of town. As a definitive "NO!" began to escape from my lips, I checked myself and thought "well, this IS an adventure, and you aren't going to have one if you turn down every new opportunity that presents itself……."

We made the call to see if they would accept dogs, while she wrote out directions. Unfortunately, we were only able to leave a message, so I headed on up into the mountains in search of a campground with cooler temps, shade and a rushing river.

Photo: Arayo reluctantly turns away from the water to pose on the ferry as we leave on our journey. With temps near 90, she is decked out in her new RuffWear Swamp Cooler. It is dipped in water, which cools her while the light color reflects the sun's rays. VERY cool! (She would have been VERY overdressed for a nudist camp!)


  1. You're braver than I! I'll be skipping the nudists camps on my journey!

  2. So Terrific! I can hardly wait to read more!

  3. Wouldn't that have made a big impact on your start to a new blog and interesting adventures!
    If the mosquitos your way are half as bad as they are here... last night watching fireworks I wished I had worn heavy socks!