Friday, July 16, 2010

Mass Murder

The blood is everywhere. Blood splattered on my hands. Blood smeared on my arms and face. Blood staining my clothing. I hear my screams - of pain and rage as I fight - killing more of the little buggers.

While Arayo and I have been hiding from the heat, we have been introduced to one of mother nature's most cruel forms of torture. Mosquitos. Montana has swarms of the blood sucking monsters. We are not taking them gracefully.

They are constantly dancing on my arms, biting through my clothes, checking out my ears, buzzing up my nose and even down my throat. Poor Arayo will have 50 flying around her at any given time. We've tried spraying them, smoking them, and we are looking for lavender dryer sheets, which are rumored to help the Alaskan varieties. I'm covered with the remains of those I was able to pulverize in this war. UGH!!!!!

However, dispute the evil ones, once the heat of the day has worn off, we're driving the beautiful Montana countryside in search of scenes like the one above.


  1. Great post! At first I was thinking of an "In Cold Blood" scenario you'd happened onto.

    Sorry the little devils are being so pesky! But you might feel better knowing that it is really hot here in So Cal, too, and our millions of resident wasps are loving it. Hmmmm... which is preferable? Wasps or mosquitos?

  2. Beautiful pictures!

  3. At least the wind keeps them at bay a little...Welcome to the wild west!

  4. What a gorgeous shot! The skies are smiling upon you.
    There's talk on Newf-L about flea and mosquito repellants. We've had luck with skin-so-soft in past years, but this years crop are persistent. Want to bite before they pass on.
    Worst ones I ever experienced were in MN.
    Is mosquito netting any help for sleeping?

  5. We sleep in a tent so skeeters don't bother us then but I saw a family in town yesterday having an outside gathering within a screened in tent. If i wear this tent out, my next one will have an enclosed screened in room!