Monday, July 26, 2010

Farming Project

It is impossible to drive across this country and not be struck by the vastness of the landscape. Stock markets may crash, high-rises can fall, but at a very basic level, those things can only have a minor impact on the lives of most of us.

I was struck by how very helpless most Americans are while traveling in rural Uganda. As I watched women working the fields, then taking the grains and turning them into food for their families, I realized that without my local Safeway, I'm helpless.

Who are these people who live in the wide open spaces? Who farm the land, raise crops, cattle, horses, chickens? I hope to interview farmers as I make my way across the country and I will be reporting about these people I meet.

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  1. See if you can find in local papers (usually the free ones) notices about church social suppers or ice cream socials. Many happening on Wednesday nights as well as weekends.
    People at those love to sit and chat and the food is wonderful.
    Or ask the volunteers at a St Vinnie's store. They know everything going on in town.