Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Frustrating Days

Had to happen - frustrating days on the road. We are looking for a campground by a river where we could spread out and relax for about 3 days. We get our eye on a target, but once there the campground is totally isolated and doesn't feel safe, or had no shade.

Last night we stopped in a town - last ditch campground after a long day on the road. The wind was so strong it took 3 of us to put up the tent and a couple times in the night I was certain the rain tarp had taken off for Nebraska.

This morning I had to dry the tent out so ran over for a shower - my first in a week of travel - and when I returned, the campground had turned on a sprinkler system and there was a 2" pond inside the tent! GRRR! Oh, yes - and today broke the French Press and the chair flew off the top of the car on the freeway so I had to go chase it down.

Weather is expected to be in the 90's this week so we won't stay in our current campground - not a lick of shade and it will kill Arayo.

I'm sure tomorrow we'll have a better report. Looking at the positive - at least I started out the day clean and because of the frustrations and to find shade for Arayo tonight until the sun sets, I'm treating myself to a real Chinese meal in a restaurant with outside seating (for Arayo) and WiFi!


  1. Wow, that sounds bad! I hope you find shade and a cooler place to stay....

  2. Chinese and shade will be a good antidote! I bet things get much better, and with a little luck, you might find another nudist camp ground.

  3. Wishing you the best in finding a more suitable campground.
    Hope you are talking to lots of people.
    Chasing chairs on the freeway - a new game!
    (Think I will wait for the online version.)